Tullian Tchvidjian Removed From The Gospel Coalition List Of Contributors

tgclogoAs I woke up this morning, I began my morning routine. I began to fix some breakfast, do some light devotional reading, and begin reading my favorite blogs. As I got to The Gospel Coalition site, I noticed a newly renovated site (looks good!). As I began probing around the new site, it didn’t take me long to find that Tullian Tchvidjian was no longer listed as a contributor to the Gospel Coalition. Matter of factly, if you type in Tullian’s name in the search bar, only 5 total results show up. All of his blog posts have been removed.

Why did The Gospel Coalition remove Tullian as a contributor?

I don’t know for sure, but I’ve got a pretty good idea why.

Because he holds to the Law/Gospel distinction, and because his views differ on sanctification, and because he calls people out when they’re being legalistic.

So, now I’m beginning to think: would TGC have allowed Luther to post? What about Calvin for that matter? While in Strassburg, Calvin signed the Augsburg Confession (1539 or 1540), and was generally considered a Lutheran! Beza? Spurgeon? These are all great men of God that held to a distinction between Law and Gospel and would have probably disagreed with TGC views on sanctification.

Is the exclusivism necessary? Is TGC guilty of being legalistic in a sense themselves?

Some interesting thoughts to ponder…What say you?


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