The Lack Of Discernment At Liberty University

As I write this, I’m watching and sifting through Glenn Beck’s Convocation speech at Liberty University last week (4/25/14). As I watch this, I find myself saying one thing over and over: “what?”

For those of you that are unaware, Glenn Beck is a Mormon. This guy believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet (Dum, dum dum, dum, dum), and that Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers. This guy believes that one day – if he lives a good enough life, he can become a god himself. He actually believes that there is a entire council of gods. Mr. Beck also believes that we’re only saved by grace after all of the good deeds that we can do. I don’t have to go into much more detail, as any discerning Christian will know that all of these doctrines directly contradict the teachings of orthodox Christianity, and the teachings found within the Bible.

In Beck’s Convocation speech, he continuously encouraged students to pour over the Scriptures. This is interesting. What Scriptures? The Bible, or the Book of Mormon? Another very interesting statement that he made came around the 14:40 mark, when he said – “I am a Christian. I come from a different denomination”. I really hope that as soon as Mr. Beck exited the stage, someone from Liberty got up and explained to the students that attended Convocation that Mr. Beck is not from “a different denomination”, but rather a cult. I can’t begin to stress just how dangerous this is to the students attending Liberty. After watching this speech, I fear that there is some young brother or sister in the faith right now that attended this specific Convocation that honestly thinks that Mormonism is just another denomination, and they’re true Christians. Heck, they may even want to check out the local Mormon church now, because Glenn Beck seemed like a sincere guy, and he did say that Mormons are just a different denomination, and the school didn’t say other wise. See where I’m going with this?

This is extremely frightening. Is Liberty University accepting Mormons as genuine brothers in the faith? It sure seems that way.

Here’s my bottom line. There is a major lack of discernment at Liberty University. Any “Christian” university that will allow someone from a cult to come and speak to their students and not even bat an eye has some major issues. I mean, why not let a successful Jehovah’s Witness speak? A Christian Scientist? A Christidelphian or heck, even a Muslim? They all believe in “a Jesus”. Obviously that’s the only requirement needed to speak at Liberty’s Convocation. I fear that Liberty is on a slippery slope which will lead to Liberalism 10 years down the road. Hopefully, I’m wrong.


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